What Is Your Favorite Twilight Inspired Wolf Necklace For Men?

Everyone seems to have their favorite Twilight character and Wolf Necklace For Men, but what is your favorite Twilight jewelry? There are so many choices, everything from charms, to bracelets, to necklaces, to rings to pendants.

I know after the initial Twilight movie, the first of the series, the hottest item was the carved wooden wolf charm. Christmas 2008, that was a hard gift to secure. Charm bracelets adorned with the truck, the apple and the wooden wolf, and the clear crystal heart were flying out of stores.

The Twilight phenom continued at fever pitch with great anticipation for the release of New Moon, the second movie of the Twilight saga. By this time, fans had taken sides wanting Bella to either choose Edward the handsome vampire or Jacob the beefed up hunk that was part human and part wolf. The phrase “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob” indicated which guy you wanted Bella to end up with. Of course there were themed Team Edward and Team Jacob bracelets.

A Team Edward bracelet would consist of a piano charm, crystal heart, bite me, possibly an initial charm and as well as a Bella charm. A Team Jacob bracelet would consist of a wooden wolf, a truck, a motorcycle, tattoo charm, heart charm and of course some type of Bella charm

The next movie released was “Eclipse”. Along with that movie a variety of Twilight lockets were released, in which you could keep a tiny picture of the one you love close to your heart. Dreamcatcher charms, vampire girl or wolf girl, were recently added to the jewelry line as well.

Charms though primarily used on charm bracelets can be and are used with a variety of jewelry. You can make earrings very easily out of charms. Pendants are great choice as well. Zipper pulls, you know the handle of the zipper on (backpacks, jackets, purses) are wonderful places for charms. Cell phone charms make your phone really stand out.