Extreme Bodybuilding – Efficient Mass Training Tips

It seems that each time that a new issue of a magazine, or a new book, is published with weight-training or bodybuilding tips, there is also a brand new set of training methods to follow. This makes everything very confusing, especially in bodybuilding for beginners. In this post, I aim to set down some training facts that are based in both the success of individuals that have applied them, and in sound scientific principles.

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Training for Strength = Success in Reaching Training Goals!

In general terms, it can be stated that a large muscle equals a strong muscle. Why? If you think about it, the larger a muscle is, the more muscle protein, and hence more contractile elements, it contains. This means that a larger muscle is stronger and/or has more endurance than a smaller muscle.

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Therefore, the ideal way to train for large mass gains, whether you are training naturally, or using anabolic steroids, is to train for large increases in strength over the long term. The heavy loads applied to the muscles in this type of training cause the most efficient increases in the elements of the muscle cells primarily involved in contraction

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