Important Muscle Building Tips You Ought to Know

When it comes to muscle building tips, some people simply focus on a few curls and crunches – and that can be great if you are building up your bulk a little at a time. But the truth is: many body builders do get bored with doing these exercises especially on certain days when the old workouts routines seem to become too boring to bother with. Here are some exercise tips with more explosive results than the simple curls and crunches:

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Bent Over Rows

This form of exercise entails bending over while keeping the back straight and pulling barbells up to nearest to the stomach. Many people think that bent over rows are done so as to build up the muscles of the arms. The truth is: this is a form of strength building exercises that targets almost all of the muscles of the back area, particularly in the lower lumbar region. Without this form of strength training, it would be fairly difficult to sustain heavier weights as time passes. Try using different variations of bent over row exercises like the one arm dumbbell bent over and the two arm dumbbell bent over rows.

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Squat And Lunges

Disregarding squats and lunges is usually one of the biggest oversights that you will find in many online articles providing muscle building tips. These two forms of exercises help build up the major muscles of the lower extremities like the buttocks, thighs and calves. More importantly though, the joints, bones and cartilage are strengthened and trained to sustained heavier weights. As variation, you may try barbell squats or weighted lunges as different ways of building up muscles on a quicker note.

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