Plantar Wart Treatments

Plantar wart treatment can be time consuming and you should seek the advice of your podiatrist or primary care physician to see which treatment option is best for you.

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Plantar warts are benign growths that appear on the sole, ball of your foot or heel. Excessive pressure from walking or standing for long periods of time causes them to grow deeper into the skin. These warts should not be ignored and you should work with your physician to determine the best plantar wart treatment for you.

Plantar warts are spongy and rough, and are normally brown or gray in color. The wart under the skin is normally two to three times as big as the part of the wart that has surfaced through the skin. The depth of the wart is the reason for the extensive pain associated with plantar warts. If the wart is large enough you can actually experience a lump on the bottom of your foot when you are standing.

Plantar wart treatment consists of over the counter medications, laser treatments, cryotherapy and surgical removal.

Over the counter medications contain an acid chemical that will destroy the skin cells and could damage healthy tissue that is surrounding the wart. These must be used with extreme caution. Once confirmed that you indeed have a plantar wart seeking the advice of your podiatrist and what treatment options he or she recommends is the best start.