The Working From Home Life

Working from home certainly has it’s advantages, and disadvantages.

Just over 4 years ago now, I left my 15 year career as a draftsman behind to pursue building my own business and started working from home.

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Working From Home Lessons

Yes, the stereotypes are all true in their own way.

I have to admit, at first just having the time freedom to choose how to spend my days was amazing, but it didn’t make for the most productive days.

In all of my working years I was always an early starter. Right from my very first job out of college, my “official” starting time was 7:00 am, and I was often at work by 6:30 and even the occasional 5:00 morning just to get something done before the interruptions started.

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Working From Home Challenges

Since I started working from home, my morning starts have slipped. I justified sleeping in a bit more because I no longer had a 30 minute or longer commute. I could sleep in, and still be “in the office” before 7:00.

My whole motivation for working from home was to be around my 2 kids and my wife more. I missed most of my daughter’s milestones like first words, and first steps because I was at work when they happened. After my son was born I decided I wanted to be a bigger part of their lives, and so I quit my job and started working from home.

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