No One Wants a Blog About You

You’re already yelling at me telling me that personal blogs make the news all the time. I don’t disagree, but I would argue that every one of those personal blogs has a niche or an angle Powerline Blog.

SoulTravelers3 is a personal blog about their family – but it’s not really about them making dinner or doing the laundry -it’s about their travels. If you’re a travel person this is the kind of blog that would interest you. It doesn’t matter that it’s that particular family, what matters is the viewpoint that family has about their travels. The niche their is a family traveling.

Ever been told that if you want to buy a digital camera or a big screen TV you need to go to “this guy’s blog, he talks about that stuff all the time”. Well “this guy” has a niche, he reviews all things digital and people probably flock to his site.

There are great political blogs, hunting blogs, race car, corvette, living in NY, finding a job and great restaurant blogs. There are blogs about hummingbirds, photography, science projects and jewelry. And then there are millions of blogs you’ll never find that have random content like ‘today I buried my dog’, and ‘my dentist is cute’ and ‘why are drivers in this city so crazy’.