Direct Sellers: To Blog or Not to Blog – That Is the Question

The direct selling model is truly one of the most lucrative models for obtaining sales because it is driven by personal relationships and word of mouth marketing. The technology of today has made it easier to reach out and interact with your clients and customers, changing the way that direct sellers obtain leads and prospects

With the online industry booming, should direct sellers take advantage of this and start their own blog? Some of you may think that there’s no point since you already have a company blog that puts out nice content and is a place to direct your customers looking for additional information. What benefit could there be in putting up a personal blog?

Be Unique

Well, think about this. With so many direct sellers out there who are offering the same products to consumers, how do you make yourself stand out? Starting a blog is one of the things that you can do to set yourself apart from all the other sellers out there. By offering valuable content to your readers, they can see the specific benefits of buying from you. And those who follow your bog can potentially become your long-term customers, as they continue to read your posts and interact with you personally.